Are Affirmations Ruining Your Life?

“Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. All of our self-talk, our internal dialogue, is a stream of affirmations.”
Louise L. Hay, I Can Do It

Are affirmations ruining your life? Is your self-talk destroying your self-esteem?

You use affirmations every day without even realizing it. It is important to become aware of these affirmations so that you can choose the right ones for you. Is your internal dialogue setting you up for failure or success?

Affirmations like, I’m always broke, I never have enough money, or I’m not good enough, are very depressing and will not inspire you to do your best! You need to get rid of the negative energy in your mind.

Negative affirmations can block you from achieving success and can ruin your life. These affirmations do not empower you. Negative affirmations tear you down.

“Learn to think in positive affirmations. Affirmations can be any statement you make. Too often we think in negative affirmations. Negative affirmations only create more of what you say you don’t want.”
Louise L. Hay

Positive affirmations build you up, make you stronger, and create a powerful mindset that empowers and inspires you to greater heights.

Affirmations must be stated in the present tense, “I have…” “I am…”. You want to have the mindset you need for success now, not sometime in the future.

“I am successful. I am calm and relaxed. I am capable and get the results I want quickly and easily.” This kind of thinking and speaking opens your mind to amazing possibilities and will attract more of what you want in your life.

I Can Do It book cover

To learn more about how to use affirmations, check out: I Can Do It – How to Use Affirmations to Change Your Life

I bought this book a number of years ago and it really helped me to see how the things I was saying to myself were causing a lot of fear and worry. Using positive affirmations helped me to stop creating excess fear and worry, and start creating more calm in my life.

I really loved the audio version of the book (included with the book). Listening to the affirmations over and over again, helped create a new habit for me. Instead of my old negative affirmations, I was starting to use new positive affirmations. I liked listening to the audio version while cooking dinner, doing laundry, or driving. Listening to it while going to sleep at night helped me to let go of stress, while being comforted by the affirmations.

“I let go of all fear and doubt, and life becomes simple and easy for me.”
Louise L. Hay

To learn more about Louise L. Hay, click here

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