Mindfulness: From Chaos to Calm

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  • 978-1-988957-02-9
  • 5.0″ x 8.0″
  • 157
  • B07XVDQ75S
  • 978-1-988957-00-5
  • You can be peaceful and calm even when life is messy and complicated.

    Discover how to handle the chaos in your life. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily living and become calmer, happier, and healthier. Use the simple steps in this book and discover how to:

    • Be present, aware, and focused.
    • Reduce stress and anxiety.
    • Manage challenges and stay calm.
    • Stop feeling overwhelmed.
    • Control your temper and your reactions.
    • Take mindful action.
    • Stop worrying and imagining the worst.
    • Be calm, compassionate, and kind.
    • Stop being fearful and anxious.
    • Experience pleasure and enjoy life now.
    • Stop suffering and start living.

    How you feel matters. Become mindful and discover the power you have in the present moment to improve your well-being, increase feelings of peace, and live a simpler, more joyful life now.

    Chapter Titles
    Reclaim Your Life: Start Here
    Be Calm in a Chaotic World
    The Essential Piece for a Calmer Happier Life
    Simplify the Complicated (A Moment In Time)
    Time Travel (Live in the Present)
    Turn off Autopilot (Be an Explorer)
    Let Go of the Chaos and Embrace Peace
    The Secret to Staying Calm
    The Path to Joy (Celebrate Life)
    I’m Okay Right Here Right Now
    Resources & Acknowledgments

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    The Power of Living Now

    “Living in the moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future. It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift.” Oprah Winfrey

    Each day is a special and unique opportunity to cut through distractions and discover the power you have in the present moment. When you let go of the expectation that the next moment will be better than this one, you can make this moment great. When you let go of what is done and over, you open yourself up to create new experiences. Reach for awesome, incredible, exemplary, and don’t settle for less.

    Happiness comes in the space between yesterday and tomorrow. Today is where your power lies. Draw upon your strengths and skills in each moment. Let go of the things that are holding you back, conquer the things that are keeping you down. There is power within you—activate it by being present, aware, and focused.

    Live with purpose to be refreshed and renewed each day. Love what you can love today. Appreciate each moment and be grateful for each breath. Life is a gift, don’t waste it.

    Lana’s easy to read style makes the idea of mindfulness accessible. She provides many examples and points of entry for practicing mindfulness, including what it is, how to practice it and the variety of ways to practice it.

    I appreciate her writing as an encouragement to me to find that calm in my life. Her practices are doable and I look forward to incorporating a few at a time to tame the chaos monster in my own life.

    Thank you Lana, for your way of making mindfulness accessible.

    I found this book helpful to learn how to live in the present. When I do, I discover unexpected blessings and joy. The author gives a ton of practical strategies on how to be mindful and live in the present. She also sprinkles relevant quotes throughout the book to inspire you and cause you to reflect. Since I teach writing, I’m especially in tune with how a person writes. Her writing is clear and understandable. For those who want to learn how to be calm and to enjoy your life more, this book will give you helpful insights.