Life Giving Love – The Journey Begins with Overflowing Enthusiasm

Give Love – Unconditionally, Devotedly, Freely, All Encompassing


Heart is… the basis of all life – without it we would die. Life requires a functional beating heart, but it also requires love – a baby cannot survive without the love of someone to take care of it; we continue to need love throughout our lives.

The love of a parent holding their little baby; time is spent just being with that little one, providing comfort and love. Hours devoted to this little one, nurturing the beginning of a lifetime. Not much else in life demands such devotion and requires such unconditional love. The importance of the time spent caring for this child cannot be measured, it is invaluable. These simple yet intensely devoted days turn into years that turn into a lifetime of the most meaningful work ever done.

We all started out as beautiful little babies, full of love, full of enthusiasm for life, ready to explore and discover, thrilled with the simplest to the most complex things. Life meant fascinating new discoveries, thrilling experiences, and the joy of just being alive. Daily simplicity coupled with awe and wonder, filled with joy and laughter.

How do we recapture this love of life, this joy, this peace?

Become enthusiastic. It is our choice to anticipate the flow of good into our lives, it is also our choice to anticipate that the worst will flow into our lives—choose wisely. Go back to basics and value such things as loving ourselves; babies love themselves completely, they delight in discovering their body, each part fascinating and wonderful. Allow your mind to flow freely and discover life’s many treasures.

Love others. Babies have no hate, no judgement, they take each moment as it comes without preconceived notions, without expectation, others are free to be who they are and to love in return.

Let go of the limiting belief that for some reason you are not good enough, not smart enough, just not enough! You are enough. You have always been enough just being you. You are valuable!

Stop living your life to please others. Live a life that is uniquely you, a life that allows you to do great things being who you are. Stop trying to impress people; stop trying to be someone that you’re not. God loves you just because you’re you, not for anything you do or do not do. His love is not based on your performance. You are loved because you are you.

Stop being persuaded by the opinions of others. Spend time in peace and allow yourself to receive your guidance from God who loves you and knows you in depth—your passions, your talents, your gifts. From this place you will become empowered, gain insight, and know what is right for you. You can have an amazing life! You are amazing.

God sees the best in you. Here is a prayer for enlightenment:

Dear God,

What you see in me, please let me see it too.

In Jesus name I pray,



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