Planner Set – Get Organized Now!

Do you want an easy way to keep track of your schedule, to-do lists and goals?
If so, we’ve put together a 15-page Planner Set that you can download and use over and over to stay organized and reach your daily, weekly and monthly goals. Most of the pages have this encouraging verse on them, “Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” – Proverbs 16:3
Don’t be discouraged and overwhelmed any longer. Get organized now and feel happier, calmer, and more peaceful. Get your 15-Page Planner Set (pdf) and start accomplishing your goals today! CAD $15.

Audiobook Production Do It Yourself Step-by-Step

Learn How to Record, Master, and Publish an Audiobook
Audiobook Production, Do It Yourself Step-by-Step started out as a checklist of the steps and settings I was using to turn my book into an audiobook. I wanted to be able to repeat the process without figuring it out all over again, and it turned out to be very helpful when I created my second audiobook. This pdf includes the steps I used to create the audiobook for: Mindfulness: From Chaos to Calm (The Simple Success System, Book 1). Then I tested and tweaked the steps while creating the audio files for my next audiobook, Love Yourself Being You: A Way to Live Your Best Life (Quiet Your Mind, Eliminate Stress, Find Inner Peace). Learn How to Create Your Audiobook Now! CAD $7.

Let Hope Rise Bundle – Color Your Way to Calm

Let Hope Rise Bible Verse Christian Coloring Pages and Prayer Journal Printable Bundle:
→ 5 Christian Coloring Pages
→ 12-Page Prayer Journal
→ 2 Puzzles: 1 Maze and 1 Word Search
→ 20-Pages Lettering Practice Sheets
Free your mind from worries and anxiety. Let your creativity flow. Feel happier, calmer, and more peaceful. Don’t be discouraged; let hope rise. Get your bundle now! CAD $10.

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